Saturday, 23 May 2009

Being 17?

Currently listening to Taylor Swift's newly song

Yeah, early morning in the weekend~
The school mid-year exam finished yesterday
but I didn't finished yet the exam
since I took a leave on the friday last week
due to my illness on that day
so on next monday, I should be done 3 papers
fortunately it was all abc question

Holiday is around the corner
but it seems that my holiday will be packed for study schedule
yeah, left only 6 months to go

Looking forward to my 17th birthday
approximately 2 weeks to go
its not that I want a suprise party
but being 17 is not just an age
I have the responsible to be more mature
I have to see the whole world with my 2 eyes
and start to search the meaning of life on my own

oh haha

but I do want cupcakes~

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