Friday, 29 May 2009

Nobody knows

Going to be idle for a while
berkampunglah aku kat Maahad tuh
it's mid-year holiday
actually is not a true holiday for me
it will be most busies holiday
no vacation, no comics, no korean drama
full of tuition classes
with addition of school projects; Arabic's and addmath's
need to memorize the 2 surah
and to be tasmi' soon after the school holiday end
will be attending the school's tuition for 4 days
from tommorow till next Tuesday

not more than 6 months to go~

yesterday was the teacher's day
in the mid of the celebration
then we were suprised by the news of Eddy
a sixteen years old son of our school bus driver
he used to work at the mess hall
the handy helpful boy once did helped Mak
changing Mak's car punctured tyres
he died yesterday, early in the morning
please do pray for him
recite Al-fatihah for him

Innalillah wainna illa rajiun

we will never know what will happen next
if Allah say you have to go now
then, have to go now, no doubt
even if you are a teenager
death is not meant to be measured by age or well-being
sometimes there could be death at your house
you will never know
slip from the staircase could be a cause of it
sudden death, we never know
we can't escape from it
malang tak berbau.kan.

the point is
we should be ready for it
to be asked from munkar and nakir
they will be punish the trangressors
about our deeds and sins in this world
then asked for yourself
are you ready to be asked?

don't ever feel that
we are good enough
satisfied with the good-things we've done
thought that we are better than others
already worth for jannah

to readers,
this post is actually meantly for myself

"Jangan leka dengan nikmat-NYA
DIA mampu mengambilnya pada bila-bila masa sahaja"

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Danny Vengeance said...

engelish 80 sgt memuaskan..
sure ada omputih nk bace blog 80 hehehe..

cume ble hebat sgt cm shishua kte salu bace cpt jer..

per2 pn trukn usahe anda..

(ada mcm nsht seorang cekgu yg bek x
mse ni je yiz bek hahaha)