Friday, 10 July 2009

God gave me angels

dedicated to my superb best friends!
Especially to Syera Si Senget.

Goodbye - Spice Girls

No, no, no, no

Listen little child.
There will come a day,
When you will be able,
Able to say.
Never mind the pain,
Or the aggravation.
You knows there's a better way,
for you and me to be.

Look for the rainbow in every storm.
Fly like an angel,
Heaven sent to me.

Goodbye my friend
I know you're gone, you said you're gone, but I can still feel you here
It's not the end
You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear

So glad we made it,
Time will never change it,
No, no, no

Just a little girl,
Big imagination,
never letting no one take it away.
Went into the world,
What a revelation.
She found there's a better way for you and me to be.

Look for the rainbow in every storm,
Find out for certain,
Love's gonna be there for you,
You'll always be someone's baby.

The times when we would play about,
The way we use to scream and shout.
We never dreamed you'd go your own sweet way.

you know it's time to say goodbye
and don't forget on me you can rely
I will help, help you on your way
I will be with you every day

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Anonymous said...

ehem.. sile2 ler follow blog sye yer... time kasih..

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