Wednesday, 5 August 2009


It's raining now
and it seems that nothing excites me now
my head are spinning now
I took 3 drugs just now
and I'm feeling very sleepy right now

More than hundreds of students in Maahad having a fever
and including me
I really hate this kind of feeling
Having the running nose and tissues all over the places

"bulan Sya'ban, bulan pembersihan"
Alhamdulillah, jazakillah khairan o Allah.

Ramadhan is coming soon
Kakyah is having her convo
Kakaf is going to him not long after that
Trial's exam is around the corner

Hoping this year to be better than the past years =)
please do pray for my success!


Lt. Danny Rock said...

i like raining.. it just feels like peaceful and calm..

salah satu doa makbul adalah ketika hujan, dan hujan adalah rahmat Allah

Anonymous said...

bulan syaaban itu bulan pembersihan.
sakit itu pengampunan dosa.
senang itu ujian.
susah itu pun ujian.
yakin dgn Allah.
insyaAllah, everything will be just fine.
get well soon.

z.s said...

syukran jazzilan.