Friday, 22 July 2011

Carried Away.

Dear Allah,
I’ve been carried away with this temporary place called Dunya.
It has placed a veil over my heart because I allowed it to.
Sometimes I get carried away feeling that i’ll find comfort here and not in the akhira
and then I become too blind to see the damage it’s done.

Dear Allah,
I know You’re waiting for me to sit down and talk to You
I know that You yearn for me to ask for forgiveness but will I ever learn?
So many signs, so many wake up calls and yet I still don’t realize I have no one but You.
I run around asking for answers to my problems from everyone else but You.
I try to find happiness and comfort elsewhere,
in the end it’s gotten me no where.
I complain all the time about my loved ones breaking my heart…
never did I think of how many times i’ve upset the one who loves me the most…!
It's You..

Your undeserving servant.

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