Sunday, 20 April 2014

Comfort Pillow

It has been 5 month since the last time I posted my previous stories. Blame the twitter. Haha. Because that thing always prevent me from being able to write. Well especially when you had an idea and you really wanted to write but you just post in into twitter, and you'll only write the small portion of your idea. Lepaih tu, only limited characters of alphabet ja. So due to that, your idea is not fully being used. Haa, gitu.

By the way, so many things happens lately. I just finished my elective (or is it called as practical - LI - or dudukduduksajasaja) for about 5 weeks in HRPB, Ipoh. Specifically, in the hospital kitchen. Alone. No, I mean there are the chef, CO and HOD in the office but I went there alone without asking my coursemate to follow. Padan muka sebab suffer. Wakaka. Not that I suffered so much la, many things I learnt but when you have no friends, its like you lost a little of your light (kebenda tah aku merapu). When I decided to go to Ipoh, konon sebab Hanzocha but it's actually more to that I wanted to challenge myself to be more independent. (taklah independent sangaaat la sebab duduk dengan kakak).

When your are entering the outer zone of your comfort zone, it makes you feel uncomfortable but at least you learn more. Because we, human always appreciate something when it's hard to get. And we actually will learn more in a hard way.

And at the age of 22, I realised that I don't do any great things and not even thinking about that! How that happen? Kot ye nak masuk syurga, kome tokleh ala kadar usaha gitu ja. And the important part is, when you don't really understand why you did this and that. Kenapa ye buat dakwah? Kenapa kena masuk usrah? Kenapa kena solat sunat banyak? Kena baca quran? Kenapaaaa????? Not that I stopping you to do that, but at least sit back and restructure yourself. Munasabah. Audit diri. Don't be surprised when the jahiliyyah things come, you are helpless and you just let it go in yourself further and further. No further understanding. Takde kefahaman yang mendalam.

Ok. I'll write some more after this. I NEED to. Sebab nanti otak berkarat tak menulis. Kalau ada jodoh nak cerita pasal kat sana, cerita lah. ehe.

Ok baaaai.

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